Most of the car owners don’t know about the size of their car tyre. In fact, many people may not even know where to find their size of the tyre and how to find it in their tyre. It is better for each and every car owners to know how to find the size of the tyre. This will help them to find their best new or used tyres by their own. Cheap Tyres team recommends a few easy ways to find out more about this facts.

The easiest way to find the tyre size is by looking at it. You will see the size of the tyre is printed on itself. However, if it is an old or used tyre it would be difficult to read it out. Cheap tyre technicians would help you to find in such case.

Now let’s see how to find out the size of new and used tyres !!!
On the tyre, you can find out some numbers along with the name of the manufacturer and the tyre (for instance, Bridgestone Ecopia). These numbers specify the profile of the tyre.


Example: 165/55R 17 94H
165 – Indicates the width of the tyre in millimetres
55 – Aspect ratio or tyre profile.
R – Radial construction.
17 – Diameter of the wheel rim in inches.
94 – Load index which shows the maximum load each tyre can carry.
H – Speed index indicates the maximum speed that it can reach with the corresponding weight.

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