What is wheel balancing?

Most of them get confused wheel balancing with wheel alignment. The main thing about the wheel balancing is matching the weight on both wheel and tyre assembly, in order to get it spin smoothly when a vehicle runs at high speed. Wheel balancing is commonly known as tire balancing.

When to do wheel balancing?

A tyre is said to be out of balance when there is imbalance weight is found on it (i.e, when one end of the tire is heavier than the other end). In general, out-of-balance tires can be found easily when a car vibrate at a speed of about 60mph.

It is important to do wheel balancing when you experience any of the following conditions may apply:

• If your vehicle shakes at certain speed.
• If you had recently fitted a new tyre.
• If you had your tyre recently removed from its rim.
• If there is any uncommon trembling in your steering wheel.
• If you notice that there is a small change of uneven tyre wear.


Why is wheel balancing is necessary?

The reason why do you need a wheel balancing as it is dangerous to drive a vehicle with imbalanced tyres. The imbalance tyres cause shaking with the steering at certain speed. If you notice anything like this, it is important to contact a well-trained mechanic to resolve this issue. Not only it is dangerous to the passengers driving in the car, the vibration also causes stress in the lower ball joints, axles and many another important part of the vehicle. This sudden increase in stress will reduce the performance and durability of these parts. Nonetheless, unbalanced tyres will add more stress on the tyres and thus the tyres start to wear easily from the corners, whereas with balanced tyres, the tyres wear starts gradually from the middle. Thus when it is compared with the balanced tyre, it is important to change you tyre often as there won’t be much grip for a safe drive.

So when you notice anything like imbalance tyre it is always advised to check it with the mechanic as earlier as possible. At 2 Cheap tyres, we have trained professionals so that you can get more advice on tyre balancing. We also provide new and used brand tyres with excellent quality and service.

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