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When we come across a word roadworthy, the main thing that sticks in our mind is taxis and buses. This is because we often see a lot of vehicles being involved in road accident. Generally, the reason behind the road accidents is mostly because of the vehicle which doesn’t meet the roadworthy condition. Hence, we all know the importance of getting a roadworthy certificate but at the same time, we need to spend less money. One of the main consideration to get the RWC certificate is wheel & tyre inspection. As the tyre prices are increasing day by day, the expense of running vehicle also gradually increase. Hence, to make it easier, we sell brand new tyres and used car tyres at cheap prices. We also offer cheap brand tyres at the discounted price which has about 80% tread on it.

2 Cheap Tyres provides new brand tyres, used car tyres, alloy wheels and rims at an affordable price. You can visit our tyres page to check out our new brand tyres or special page to find out more discount tyres. On further assistance you can give a call on 09 2702647 or visit our site at 12 Saleyards Rd, Otahuhu, Auckland. 2 cheap tyres offers you the best tyre replacement for your vehicle as we always concentrate on high quality, safety and durability. Cheap tyre technicians first check all our used car tyres to make sure it road worthy and hence never accept tyres with low tread. Our main aim is to provide quality tyres at cheap prices.


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For further details, please feel free to contact our 2 Cheap tyres Auckland on 09 2702647. Our Cheap tyres team will guide you and explain you in detail. You will experience a better deal with competitive price and may even get a free deal for loyal customers. We offer cheap tyres are all because of our car wrecker company at Auckland.

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